Paths for each site on a Azure deployment

by ingvar 15. April 2011 22:49

If you need to do any file related work in your WebRole on the deployed files or if you want to add files from the WebRole. This post presents one way to get the physical paths and names of each website on a Azure deployment. This works for both single and multiple site setups.

First we need to get the role model, which is created by Azure from the ServiceDefinition.xml. So some of the aspects of this role model file is recognisable. The root directory of the role can be found in the environment variables. Like this:

string roleRootPath = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("RdRoleRoot");

The file name of the role model is ‘RoleModel.xml’, so the full path of the role model can be constructed and loaded like this:

string roleModelPath = Path.Combine(roleRootPath, "RoleModel.xml")

We need one more thing before we start parsing the RoleModel.xml file. We need the current application directory. We need this because the paths in RoleModel.xml are relative, so to get the full path we need application directory. We can get it like this:

string currentAppRootPath = Path.GetDirectoryName(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory);

The web sites construct in this file is very similar as in ServiceDefinition.xml. So finding the web sites names and physical paths could be done like this:

XNamespace roleModelNS = "";
XDocument roleModel = XDocument.Load(roleModelPath);
var siteElements = roleModel.Root.Element(roleModelNS + "Sites").
                                   Elements(roleModelNS + "Site");

var results = 
    from siteElement in siteElements
    where siteElement.Attribute("name") != null &&
          siteElement.Attribute("physicalDirectory") != null
    select new {
        Path = Path.Combine(appRootDir, siteElement.Attribute("physicalDirectory").Value),
        Name = siteElement.Attribute("name").Value };


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