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About me

I was born the 30th of August 1977 in Silkeborg, Denmark. I have a masters in Computer Science and Mathematics from Aarhus University, Denmark. I live in Nørre-Herlev out side Hillerød with my wife and two boys. I love family life and spending time with my friends. I also enjoy trying new technical things and have recently released my first iPhone game Mastermind Social. To balance out all the technical stuff, I also enjoy working with my hands, like building a bed for my boys and doing other handy work around the house. In the past i did a lot of kitesurfing, but in the last couple of years, kitesurfing has lost to golfing. 


Professional life

Composite (2006-)

I’m a senior software developer at Composite and I’m the main architect, designer and developer of the backend part of Composite C1 (a web based content management system). Which we developed from scratch. C1 is implemented using the latest Microsoft technologies like LINQ, Workflows and parallelism and is hosted on IIS7 with .NET 4.0. We use Vistual Studio Team Suite 2010 with the source control and task/bug system. I also manage source control, build servers and build scripts. The choice to use the latest technologies gave me the great opportunity to join Microsoft’s Technical Adoption Program (TAP) in Redmond, 2009 and have a continuously close relationship with Microsoft Denmark.
We use the SCRUM process, all though we have adopted the process to meet our needs and small team, so its moving towards the KANBAN process. I’m the SCRUM master and have a planing and coordinating role through the development cycles of C1. The latest development of C1 has moved to Windows Azure where I am the lead in getting C1 running multitenant for cheap hosting and true scaleout for performance using various Azure technologies as Blob store, Azure SQL, service bus, etc.


Bang & Olufsen (2004-2006)

My job at Bang & Olufsen consisted of two parts. The primary part of the job was in a core team of developers where we designed and implemented a new platform/framework, that were to be used in upcoming products. As we developed this platform, it was extended by other developers to meet the products needs. I also worked with process improvements, in a small task force. The aim of the work in this task force, was to make all the developers at B&O work better and smarter. This included source control structure and unit test methods.
The second part of the job was in a small group of people with different technical backgrounds. Our job were to make technical proof of concepts for upcoming products. During this proof of concept work I used the tools needed to get the job done. This could be .NET/C#, C++, eVC4++ or other kinds of tools. If we were able to meet the requirements, then the product moved on to the next development stage. If not, the product was scrapped. During this work I attended several conferences and had contact to potential external partners. And most importantly a really good network internally in the R&D department of Bang & Olufsen.


Student jobs and projects (1997-2004)

Danish Software Center

Consultant on the design, implementation and test of a MIDAS (Delphi) client/server replacement. This was written in Delphi using TCP/IP and propagated SQL requests to a server and the server responded with the result or error messages.
Design and implementation of a client/server solution for a Intermec-terminal. Client was made in C and server implemented in Delphi.


Design and implementation of a AVI player that could handle very large files. And with single frame stepping and bookmarks features. This was done in C++ (VS2003).


Standalone player for VirTools implemented in C++ (VS2003).
Extensions and optimizations of the VirTools components made for “Det Virtuelle Folketing”.

Det Virtuelle Folketing

Design and implementation of database access over the network plugins for VitTools and a server to handle the plugin’s requests. The main focus was flexibility regarding new tables and tables/SQL-request chances

Cue Cunsult

System administrator where I did maintains, backups and implemented VB scripts for atomization.



2002-2004: Masters in Computer Science, Aarhus University.

1997-2002: Bachelor in Computer Science and Mathematics, Aarhus University.

1994-1997: Hi school degree mathematic line (Studenter eksamen, matematisk linie), Silkeborg Amts Gymnasium.

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Martin Ingvar Kofoed Jensen

Architect and Senior Developer at Composite on the open source project Composite C1 - C#/4.0, LINQ, Azure, Parallel and much more!

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